BankingSDK is secure, reliable and fast.

BankingSDK © is secure by design

End user data are never stored on a 3rd party server.
Data are encrypted end-to-end.
eIDAS and certificates are stored in your Cloud.
Your Data, Your Security.

Un-regulated & regulated APIs

BankingSDK is able to connect directly to bank in the Open Banking sphere but also using the “Premium” APIs which are unregulated.

We are able to connect you to Premium APIs of Deutsche Bank, CITI, HSBC, JP Morgan, etc.

Legal / SLAs

As you are in control of network communication and data storage, our SLAs, privacy and terms and reduced to the minimum.

White Label Solution

Thanks to his technical design, BankingSDK is by default a White Label product.

It runs in your cloud, hidden behind your contents, layouts and logic.

Getting started with BankingSDK ©

1. Create an account on the developer portal.

2. Connect to our sandbox Docker container and start developing, for free!

3. Trace your calls and debug your app in the developer portal.

4. Check our GitHub account for free client samples in Java or Nodes.js.

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