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Personal Finance Management

BankingSDK is the ideal solution to provide accounts information and initiate payments from your mobile app.
Enable your users to connect to several bank accounts, create algorithms that generate value on top of those data like product categorization, recommendations, etc.

eCommerce & Marketplaces

Ever wanted to provide your customer an easy and fixed price payment solution?
Access bank accounts before payment is initiated to ensure funds are available. Real time or the next day verification of payments.

Most important in payment industry, your users use their most trusted financial institution to pay: their bank!

Credit, Lending, Scoring,
Cashflow management

Increase your decision and precision by analysing bank statements of your customers.
Build powerful algorithms to predict risks, cashflow issues, etc.
Execute this on a recurring basis to ensure your analysis are up-to-date.


Embed in your mobile app all the bank accounts of your customer to provide them a unified banking experience.

Help your customer achieve their financial goals, build budget and spare recommendations tools.