Making Open Banking Open.

We wire Banks, TPPs and aggregation companies,
providing a unified ISO 20022 output format.

Open Source, Open Minded, In an Open Banking World.
Try it for free, use it for free!

8 Oct. 2020: BankingSDK launches his Notification Service.

Get instant notifications of bank downtimes and system failures.

14 Sept. 2020: BankingSDK becomes the only one existing meta-aggregation platform.

By adding a connector to Ibanity (, we extended the coverage of BankingSDK but mostly we facilitated developer's life: one code, multiple aggregators, hundreds of banks has never been so true.
Of course, you decide which banks is accessible directly or via an aggregator.
Your business, your rules.

09 Sept. 2020: Belgium is FREE!

Connect AIS for free to the top 17 Belgian banks through PSD2 APIs.
95% of the AIS traffic in belgium is accessible in a secure, private and free way thanks to BankingSDK.

BankingSDK is open source

Licensing model is LGPLv3 .
Restrictions apply: you cannot use the open source license of BankingSDK to sell connectivity to banks (aggregation business) or sell a product which competes with
Ask for our commercial license instead.

Why BankingSDK?


Get instant access to all supported banks for free. No fees per accounts, no fees per users.


Data flows directly from your infrastructure to the bank and vice-versa.
Your data, your security.


Your data remains your data. We don’t have any access to your data and eIDAS certificates.
Your data, your rules.


As we don’t access your data, we cannot generate revenues or develop AI logic which create values on top of TPP’s data.

Aggregation of aggregators

You can see BankingSDK as meta-aggregators, providing direct connectivity to banks APIs but also connectivity through usual aggregators.

APIs only!

BankingSDK connects to banks APIs and never use reverse engineering or screen scrapping technologies.

BankingSDK as the unique meta-aggregation platform.

BankingSDK connects your app directly to banks but also to other aggregation platforms giving you an access to thousands of banks.

With one technical implementation, you connect to multiple aggregation platforms and directly to banks.

We analyse your trafic and do recommendations to connect to your most used (and expensive) banks.

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners in the United States and/or other countries.

Tour Dates


Jan 2021


Jan 2021


Jan 2021


Feb 2021

Why opensourcing our code?

Jean-Gabriel Debaille, co-founder
“At BankingSDK we have been working for 2 years fully dedicated to this project. Our team, my partner and myself have all been through a lot of trial and error to get where we are now. But we had the feeling a few months ago before going forward we wanted to have a deeper and meaningful impact on our industry.

Of course our SDK approach is already technically quite different, but we also had to differentiate ourselves in terms of business model and values.
We want to offer our code and let others build on it,sharing our ideas and receiving other ideas in return. It’s important for us to create value and business opportunities, not only for ourselves but for everyone in the sector.

Transforming this product into an open-source project remains the smartest and most valuable thing we ever did. This is not only a gift to the community however, this is just a starting point toward bigger goals.

For months we have been fully committed to making this product awesome and with your support, it's going to shine even more”

— Jean-Gabriel

Our Products


BankingSDK is an open source library which connects your app to European banks providing PSD2 & OpenBanking APIs.
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Do you prefer an API?
We also provide a Docker version of BankingSDK. That Docker version allows you to run BankingSDK in your cloud architecture via a REST API.
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DockerCloud is the same product as Docker version but we run it for you in our own secured space in Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.
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Our Services

Connector Development

We develop, on demand, connectors to banks APIs.
We add AIS, PIS and other services like available funds, lending, etc.
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Several days sessions to train and coach your development team, onsite. Deep dive into OpenBanking & PSD2, Best practices, Coaching to implement BankingSDK, Connector development deep dive.

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We provide first class support to help you implement and use BankingSDK, working days or 24h a day. Normal or priority support, fast connector update based on banks API changes, etc.

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