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With its unique design, BankingSDK is #1 in data security & respectful data privacy solutions worldwide.

PSD2 (EU) / OPENBANKING (UK) / CDR (Australia) / HKMA Open Api (Honk Kong) / UPI (India) / BCB (Brazil) / FSA OB (Japan) / FSC OB (Korea)

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Data flows directly from your infrastructure to the bank and vice-versa. Being a non SAAS solution is key.
Your data, your security.

Data Privacy

We don’t have any access to your data and eIDAS certificates.
Your data, your rules.


As we don’t access your data, we cannot generate revenues or develop AI logic which create values on top of it.
More than that, we cannot compete soon or later with your business.
We are partners.


Get instant access to all supported banks for free. No fees per accounts, no fees per users.


You can see BankingSDK as meta-aggregators, providing direct connectivity to banks APIs but also connectivity through usual aggregators.

APIs only!

BankingSDK connects to banks APIs and never use reverse engineering or screen scrapping technologies.

BankingSDK vs competition.

 Plaid (c)Tink (c)BankingSDK
Personal account access
Account BalanceEnterprise Plan
Company account accessEnterprise Plan
Payment InitiationEnterprise Plan
100% API based (no screen-scrapping or reverse engineering).
Data privacy (your data are not stored on our servers)
Data Security (your data are not in transit on our servers)
No latency between Bank API and your backend.
Runs as a SAAS.
Runs in your Cloud infrastructure
(AWS, IBM Financial Services, Google Cloud or Azure).
No monthly or volume based fees.
Building services on top of your dataNo. Your Data is Your Business.

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Our Services

Connector Development

We develop, on demand, connectors to banks APIs.
We add AIS, PIS and other services like available funds, lending, etc.
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Several days sessions to train and coach your development team, onsite. Deep dive into OpenBanking & PSD2, Best practices, Coaching to implement BankingSDK, Connector development deep dive.

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We provide first class support to help you implement and use BankingSDK, working days or 24h a day. Normal or priority support, fast connector update based on banks API changes, etc.

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