Open Banking

Exthand developed the most secure way to connect your app to banks, worldwide.

Secured by design, BankingSDK© executes itself directly in your cloud or on premises.

Open Banking
Open Data
= your business2

We enrich payment and bank statement data to fuel your AI logics.

Connect seamlessly your app to thousand of bank APIs, worldwide.

Why Fintechs and corporates around Europe are choosing us?

BankingSDK is the only, secured by design, solution on the market.

BankingSDK is provided as container (Docker ©) and executes itself inside your own Cloud infrastructure.
Data flows directly from the banks to your servers.
You are in charge of network security, data security and data privacy.
Your data, your rules!

Exthand, the independant solution.

Exthand is an privately owned company since day #1.
Our investors are not banks nor companies providing financial services.
We don't compete with our customers.

Your data, your rules.

Exthand, through the use of Exthand:Gateway, collects data from your customers.
Our rule? Your data, your rules: We don't sell to thrid parties your customer data.


Payment Initiation

Allows your user to pay online, send and receive money in no time & at a fixed rate.
No cards.
No fraud.

Instant and bulk payments support in most countries.

Account Information

Access customer bank statements and balances in seconds.

Thanks to our unique container solution, your data are secured and private.

Start building never seen apps on top of real time banking data.

IBAN Check

Validate bank account existence in a second.

Validate bank account ownership.

KYC/KYB Process

We provide you with information about bank account ownership.

Validate bank account ownership.

Data Enrichment

Receive enriched bank statements with our Open Data AI powered algo.

Get company information, address, activities, etc.

Confirmation of Funds

Instantly check the available funds on a bank account before proceeding to a payment.

Drasticaly minimize your risks of faults and failures of paiements.

Our Products

BankingSDK ©

BankingSDK is a Docker(c) container running on premise or inside your own Cloud infrastructure.

BankingSDK connects your app directly to thousands of banks worldwide without any intermediary.

Dedicated for TPPs and ASPSP, BankingSDK requires valid certificates to operate at your national or international level.


You don’t have your own license to connect to banks directly?

Exthand:Gateway is the solution for you!

Your BankingSDK container connects to the Gateway which acts in our name and connects for you to the banks.


Imagine your app running worldwide, European Union, Australia, Brazil, etc.

Just use the Exthand:Network and connect your BankingSDK container to foreign countries and regions, worldwide.

Accessible regions are Europe, Australia and Brazil. Honk-Kong and Japan are on the roadmap.

Our coverage: 1300+ Banks connected.

Austria (>98%)
Belgium (>95%)
Czech Republic
Denmark (>90%)
Finland (>90%)
France (>90%)
Germany (>80%)
Italy (>90%)
Luxembourg (>95%)
Norway (>90%)
Portugal (>95%)
Spain (>95%)
United Kingdom

Premium APIs coverage

Our Services

Connector Development

We develop, on demand, connectors to banks APIs.
We add AIS, PIS and other services like available funds, lending, etc.


Several days sessions to train and coach your development team, onsite. Deep dive into OpenBanking & PSD2, Best practices, Coaching to implement BankingSDK, Connector development deep dive.


We provide first class support to help you implement and use BankingSDK, working days or 24h a day. Normal or priority support, fast connector update based on banks API changes, etc.

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